Hi, my name's Tim.

I’m a well-versed digital marketer and consultant with a background in technology. I enjoy helping people understand how to harness it to transform their marketing.
Over the past 8 years, I’ve collaborated with companies like Twilio Cloud Communications, Newsela Online Education Platform, Gallagher Insurance, plus conferences including The Global Leadership Summit, The Alpha Conference and SIGNAL Conference to help define and build winning digital marketing capabilities.
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What I've Been Up To

As an independent consultant, the work I do is varied and always tailored to the client’s needs. Here’s some past projects to help you get a feel for the kind of work I do.

Increasing Revenue for

Major Companies

I’ve worked with major companies such as Twilio Cloud Communications, Newsela, and Gallagher Insurance on social media management, email optimization, and content marketing to test new ideas and drive growth.

Multiplying impact for

Global Nonprofits

I’ve worked with global nonprofits such as Alpha and Global Leadership Network (formerly Willow Creek Association) on website design, user experience, and content distribution to advance their mission.

filling classrooms at

Private Schools

I’ve worked with private schools such as Wheaton Academy, Waldorf School of DuPage, and Zeeland Christian School on lead generation, digital advertising and email marketing to get the word out to local families who might benefit from a private education for their kids.

Filling Seats at

Conferences & Events

I’ve worked with conferences such as The Global Leadership Summit, Alpha Conference, FILO Conference, and SIGNAL Conference on digital advertising, website design and email marketing to increase ticket sales and create amazing experiences for attendees.

Creating Possibilities for


I’ve worked with startups such as The Salem Group, GLSnext app, and Camp Champion – whether as interim CMO, strategy consultant or as a fresh set of eyes helping to build a marketing roadmap from scratch.

Joining Forces With


Because of my deep knowledge of WordPress and other digital platforms, I’ve partnered with consulting and marketing agencies including Del Oro Consulting and Relevant Elephant.

My Results

increased email sales in 3 months
1 %
boosted attendance resulting in SOLD OUT conference
1 %
increased lead generation, driving 100% enrollment
1 x
increased email conversions
1 %
Increased lead generation
1 %
app downloads in 196 countries
1 m
increased lead generation
1 x
increase in social media followers
1 %

These are ways we’ll drive a bunch of new business together

These are ways we'll drive a bunch of new business together

Conversion Optimization

Paid Search

Email Marketing

Website Design

Marketing Planning

Social Media

Landing Pages

Marketing Automation

Content Marketing

Paid Social


Analytics + Insights

Tim Alia Digital Marketing

Tim Alia

A bit about me

My wife and I live in the Chicago suburbs with our son Zeke and dog Wilco. We love doing life in our little brick house, sharing the neighborhood with family—four generations on one block!

Straight out of college, I joined Apple where I learned a lot about software and technology. I loved my time there, but always had a passion for digital marketing.

I went on to lead digital marketing and communications for the world’s largest leadership conference and learning destination, Global Leadership Network, and co-founded the GLSnext app, which today has over 1 million downloads in 195 countries.

If you’re reading this, odds are you might be interested in doing some work together. Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to learning more about your company.

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